Vitamins are essential for tissue building, energy release, digestion and cell building. A balanced diet is the ideal source of vitamins, but most people do not eat a balanced diet. Because of this a multi-vitamin is recommended to ensure that all the important vitamins are being obtained.

Minerals are necessary for the growth and repair of teeth and bones, function of body fluids and secretions and metabolic activity. Essential minerals are calcium, iron, iodine and phosphorus. Calcium can be found in milk, cheese and green vegetables. Sources of iron are orange juice, liver and lean cuts of meat. Seafood is a source of iodine, and you can find phosphorus in milk and cheese.

Water is very important and is necessary for maintaining the body’s temperature, assisting with chemical reactions and transporting materials. The total body weight is made up of approximately 70 percent water. It is recommended that two to three quarts be consumed each day.

With the information provided here you are well on your way to helping the child or children in your life lead healthy and active lifestyles. Turn off the television and take a walk with your kids. Leading a healthy lifestyle makes for happier children who are less likely to suffer from eating disorders, peer pressure and poor self-image.