During puberty some people worry about how they look. Boys may worry because they don’t have to shave yet, or about the size or shape of their penis. Girls may worry about when they will get their period or about the size of their breasts. Both may worry about pimples, or being shorter or taller than their friends.

It is important to remember that everyone’s body is different. There is no right way to look. There is no right time for these changes to happen. People come in all sizes and shapes.
What About Penis Size?

Many boys worry about the size of their penis. That’s because some people think those with bigger penises are sexier. The truth is, the size of a penis does not matter.

When penises are hard, most are about the same size. The difference is more obvious when penises are soft.
What About Breast Size?

Some girls worry about the size of their breasts. This is because some people may think that larger breasts make a woman sexier. But others disagree.

The truth is, the size of a woman’s breast has little to do with her sexuality. Also, the sensitivity of a woman’s breasts has nothing to do with size.