I don’t want to get in between the leadership of the Southern Baptists and their God, but it’s difficult to understand through what divine revelation these leaders of the church — all male, by the way — determined that women could no longer be pastors in their church.
I mean, is it in the hormones? In the genes? The women who are already pastors of churches within their fold may remain. In fact, the leaders acknowledge, they really have no control over what individual churches within their denomination do. They just felt that it was important to go on record that women could not be pastors.

I was just absorbing this, mind you, when a very good and very smart friend of mine, also mail, e-mailed me about the plight of the military, with recruitment declining over the past five years. He said part of it was that this man’s army was no longer this man’s army. Later that same day, a seemingly very bright man and a U.S. senator made the same point about women in the military and sexual harassment and assault issues in the military — that these very public debates and even legal actions have made some men resign or retire.

What’s a woman to do, I asked my friend? Should we go home and bake cookies, the way Hillary Clinton once suggested when she was criticized for being too public a figure? Should we await further word on what fields we should not enter or from which we should be banished?

I did ask this wonderful friend of mine when the last time was that a group of women declared that men could not perform certain jobs or enter certain fields. He was amazed that I had taken his comments about the military so personally.

Sigh. I suppose he may be right that rifle squads function better when they are male. He certainly invoked the best of the historical warriors — from the Carthaginians to the Romans — as some sort of evidence that women in the military weren’t the best innovation of this century.

Where, I asked myself, is Queen Bodeicea when you need her? Then I remembered that those stalwart Roman soldiers had killed her and had crucified all her followers. Now, those were warriors.

But getting even is far more effective than just getting mad. So I decided to issue an invitation for all interested women to come together for a convention in which we decide what fields men should no longer be a part of. I think I could make a strong case for newspaper and magazine publishing, cooking, dress designing. I am searching the Bible as we speak for those words and phrases that will support my version of the truth. And I am toying with the right rhetoric to show that men participating in such fields is downright un-American.

Guys, I’ll keep you posted.