If your efforts are continued throughout this second week then much of the “break-in” discomfort and adaptation will be behind you. It really doesn’t take such a long time for the body to realize that something “new” is going to be expected of it. If the exercise application has been gradual as was suggested in the first installment, then the response should begin to become obvious with regard to the ease of the effort and the beginnings of some subtly apparent physical changes.

The short term goals for this second week are the continuation of the first week’s efforts with some comfortable increases in exercise and diet efforts. The most important element to consider is the regularity of the lifestyle changes and the ability to deal with any small “failures” which might occur on a daily basis. Remember, one day does not change the course of our overall fitness plans but each day is an opportunity to reclaim some control of our destiny. Keep working at it.

Exercise #1. Some home exercise devices such as this cable system can be very effective ways to begin resistance, muscle toning programs.

Exercise #2. A yoga or stretching routine might be another way to begin a moderate exercise regimen.

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