The first few weeks of a fitness and diet program are most critical. As was stated in Fitness The Next Step, many enthusiasts attempt unrealistic reclamation projects which put undue stresses on their bodies and their lifestyles.

If the first week of the new program was reasonably successful, then a simple assessment will verify that position. Did you get to exercise at least twice during the week (preferably 3 times) and did you consciously cut down on high fat snacks and food choices at least 2 days during the past week? If you did these things, how do you feel about it? Was it a struggle or was it fairly comfortable to do? Do you feel better about yourself than you did when you started the program?

If you answered yes to 3 or 4 of these questions, you are really doing well. If not, re-group; begin with the basics and try to make small, gradual adjustments in your exercise and diet habits.

During this critical second week it is important to understand that reality will soon be setting in. You may begin to realize that fitness and health are long term endeavors and that consistency and patience are vital attributes. You may not feel as disgusted with yourself as you did right after the holidays and you might begin to think that you’re not in such bad shape. Remember, your body is going to try to induce you to “leave well enough alone”. However, it is important to think about long term goals and the continuation of the newly chosen lifestyle habits.

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