The two masters describe the fourteen steps of this “enlightening smile” as follows:

First, stand in a Wu Chi position. Make sure that you stand firmly but effortlessly on the soil. The hips should relax, with the chin slightly stretched back. Feel the chi inside the abdomen.

Second, relax the forehead and imagine being in your favorite place and with your favorite people. Keep the comforting image of your beloved smiling at you.

Third, feel the healing chi bursts from within. It is the power from the nature. Your chi is identical with other natural resources. All chi comes from nature. You’re also a part of the greatness.

Feel the power of Ultimate Love, the cosmic energy within you. Focus it on a spot in between your eyebrows. Feel them being relaxed and enlarged. The energy is strengthening the energy of your smile.

Fourth, let the consciousness flows to the cheek, jaw and tongue, all the way to the lung. The energy flows refreshingly and calmingly.

Fifth, smile your innermost to the lung and heart. Feel them opened up to celebrate the joy of love.

Sixth, smile all the way to other vital organs. Feel how precious they are and how they work hard for your well-being.

Seventh, return to the eyes and forehead. Start the cycle again. This time use more energy from nature, from the chi.

Eighth, roll your tongue inside your mouth until the saliva accumulated. Fill it with the healing energy derived from the chi and swallow it.

Ninth, repeat the eighth step two or three times. This time let the energy flows to the vital organs. Feel each one of them and be grateful for their special functions.

Tenth, return to the eyes and forehead. Start the cycle again. One more time, connect with the chi energy.

Eleventh, smile to your brain, its glands, thalamus and pineal. Keep the flow to the vertebrate.

Twelfth, return to the eyes and forehead. Repeat the cycle again. Again, reconnect with the chi energy.

Thirteenth, flow the energy into tired body parts. Water them with the healing fluid.

Fourteenth, smile to the dantian. It’s located one inch below the bellybutton, where the chi is located. Smile gracefully and relax. Accumulate the energy. For men, start from the bellybutton and spiralize the energy clockwise. Make 36 circles. For women, spiralize counterclockwise.

One must be really careful when performing this exercise. The spiral shouldn’t be larger than the size of a grape. It is believed that if the circle is too large, the energy will flow into the heart and will stimulate the emotions.

It will also flow into the reproduction area that can interfere with the system.

To sum it up, this “enlightening smile” is a very simple yet powerful exercise to enhance relaxation at any time.