Kitchen remodeling may be a major job. It can take anywhere from weeks to months to update a kitchen. You can speed up the process of remodeling your kitchen. The following 10 tips will get you on the road to refacing your kitchen more quickly, while still ending up with a finished room that exhibits quality work and attention to details.

1. Use the place you already have and maximize the efficiency. It’s very time consuming to move walls. Not only that, but it is expensive. Plan ahead and really organize the place efficiently and creatively when you get ready to remodel. If you want to expand your kitchen, try to get away with only removing one wall to accomplish this. The time required for the electrical wiring, as well as framing and drywall work, will be greatly reduced.

2. Leave the sink where it is. If you choose to move plumbing, you will lose valuable time and money. You can still replace the sink, but if you place the new one in the same place, pipes won’t have to be rerouted, and you will not have to worry about the possibility that you will then have to replace the flooring as well.

3. Avoid moving gas lines, along with gas appliances, at all costs. It is a very involved and costly undertaking to move a gas line, and will increase the time needed to remodel your kitchen. Many communities require you to employ a licensed professional for this work. Not only will you need to arrange to have the line moved, but the floor and walls may need repair work afterwards.

4. Find pre-cut cabinets in standard sizes for your project. You will likely be able to acquire these cabinets right away, even having them delivered, in contrast to choosing custom cabinets. The beauty of stock cabinets is that all that needs to be done is to put them in place and attach them properly. You will save valuable time needed for assembly and construction for special-order or custom cabinets.

5. If you want to use semi-custom or custom cabinets, you can put the cabinets together yourself. If you have some basic construction skills, you can assemble pre-cut cabinets on your own. Putting together cabinets is time-consuming, though. You can save time, and possibly money, by assembling cabinets prior to having the contractor install them.

6. Rather than construct a closet, find some large prefabricated cabinets. You will save the time it takes to do demolition, framing and hanging drywall. The coordinated cabinets in the updated kitchen will add a fresh new look.

7. Instead of getting new cabinets, reface the old ones. You can reface or refinish cabinets that are structurally sound. You will spend less time as well. The labor can sometimes be completed in as little as a day.

8. Replace your old countertop with a new one. Your updated kitchen will look fresh with a new countertop. The look of your kitchen can be totally altered by your countertop material selection.

9. Installing a backsplash isn’t necessary. Don’t go to the trouble of replacing a backsplash if you need to remodel a kitchen quickly. It takes a few days to install tile, then allow time for it to set and dry thoroughly. This project can be done at a later time, if you need to get this job done quickly.

10. If you want to construct a window seat, save building time by putting in stock cabinets as the base of the seat. Stock cabinets of the correct height are available in many styles. Find cabinets that coordinate with your current kitchen. Then all you will need to do is put the boards on top of the cabinets.

You can save valuable time updating your kitchen by implementing these ten ideas. While you are planning your project you will probably come up with others. By following these ten steps in remodeling, you can update your kitchen quickly.