Dietary fat: Playing the numbers game. Part 4

Why 30 percent?

No one can say exactly what a healthful fat intake is for a given individual, let alone for everyone. A majority of public health experts have supported the 30-percent guideline because they felt it was lower than what Americans are currently consuming, but not so low as to discourage compliance. Some scientists have proposed that we should strive for fat intakes closer to 25 or even 20 percent of daily caloric intake. Such levels would require greater changes in dietary habits for most Americans. Continue reading “Dietary fat: Playing the numbers game. Part 4”

Soy, You Say? Part 2

Why soy?

Actually, the association between vegetable protein and reduced risk for heart disease is not very new information. Researchers have known about this association for quite some time. Soy is actually a vegetable protein that has come to the attention of researchers recently. The study of the effects of soy and its relation to chronic disease risk, including cardiovascular disease, has dramatically increased since this field began to emerge a few years ago. Continue reading “Soy, You Say? Part 2”