What are the Risk Factors Associated with Decompression Illness?

Apart from the depth and the time divers spend under water, other factors influence the absorption and elimination of Nitrogen that can contribute to a developing decompression illness. Although staying within the limits of the recreational dive planner tables minimizes this risk, the tables become less reliable and accurate in the presence of predisposing factors. Continue reading “What are the Risk Factors Associated with Decompression Illness?”

Special Tutoring

LifeQuest educates its members as it encourages them to reach their fitness goals. The club conducts a series of workshops and seminars designed to inspire an appreciation for the benefits of exercise and a health-conscious lifestyle.

The program is broken down into several sessions, the first of which covers the categories of exercise, and why each is vital to the fitness process. A discussion on aerobic and anaerobic exercise is next, followed by a seminar on flexibility. The last portion of the program addresses the significance of diet and nutrition. Continue reading “Special Tutoring”


Once you have a great staff in place, member services can also keep your retention rate at a respectable level. This goes along with customer service, as your services and programs should be ones that your members actually want and will use — they should be an actual “service” to your members. Continue reading “Services”