LifeQuest educates its members as it encourages them to reach their fitness goals. The club conducts a series of workshops and seminars designed to inspire an appreciation for the benefits of exercise and a health-conscious lifestyle.

The program is broken down into several sessions, the first of which covers the categories of exercise, and why each is vital to the fitness process. A discussion on aerobic and anaerobic exercise is next, followed by a seminar on flexibility. The last portion of the program addresses the significance of diet and nutrition.

Following the seminar, members are given five physical fitness assessment tests. These tests measure cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

“There were a few safety concerns for the LifeQuest Fitness Workshop,” admits physiology fitness director Don Hothem. “We needed to know if members were healthy enough to participate in the assessments, so we take each member’s blood pressure and resting heart rate before the workshop begins. We have members of all ages participating in the workshops, so we have to be careful with the height of the aerobic step for the cardiovascular strength test. The step is lowered for the elderly and the very young. Furthermore, we give members an option of crunches instead of sit-ups for the muscular endurance tests if they have lower back trouble or another medical problem that would cause them discomfort.”

Each member receives the personal attention of the staff, Hothem says. When the workshop ends, the members meet one-on-one with staff members who query them on their medical and exercise history. The information is used to guide exercise programs and goals.

Since being initiated in November 1995, the workshops have proven highly beneficial to the club and its members. The members enjoy significantly enriched lives as a direct result of increased health and wellness, and the club furthers its business objectives.

“The LifeQuest Fitness Workshop has benefited the business because we have improved our service to our members, and this has led to membership sales,” Hothem says. “Members who have participated in the workshop have told friends that LifeQuest is a health club that is actually concerned with the outcome of their exercise goals.”