The Adelaide Metro website has been updated with a list of all new service changes being introduced on August 21 2005.
If you have any enquires please refer.

Details of the timetable changes are available.

Printed timetables will be available in limited quantities from Thursday/Friday and the range and quantity will grow quickly from that point.

A general guide will be letterbox dropped to 320,000 homes on the weekend and the TV campaign will start this Sunday.

Over 2000 temporary signs will be erected at stops across the metro area, plus over 5,600 timetable run outs are being produced and changed.

Info team crews will commence on Monday at key locations across the metro area. A special brochure for the Golden Grove area will be letterbox dropped on Thursday next week.

The changes being introduced at this time are the largest single changes in the history of metropolitan public transport.

Could you please bring this information to the attention of those who may be affected by the changes, either as support staff to people with disabilities, families who may be need to make special arrangements, or to those who may require additional training or support from your organisation as a result of using public transport services that are affected by the changes.