Preventing History From Repeating Itself

I have a strong family history of breast and reproductive system cancers. Three years ago, I had bilateral simple mastectomies (preventive mastectomies) in hopes of decreasing my chances of getting breast cancer. I chose not to have breast reconstruction or implants. I am basically relieved and comfortable with my decision, although every time I look in the mirror I am still astounded by my lack of breasts. Continue reading “Preventing History From Repeating Itself”

Lisa’s Journal: Week 13. Part 4

Regarding your cardiovascular routine, try to make each session 45 minutes in length. As for your weight training, try to increase your weights by the next smallest increment (5 to 8 pounds) on the following exercises: bicep curl, tricep extension and leg lifts. In order for the body to continually adapt and therefore see more progress (tighter and stronger muscles, increased definition) you must continually challenge it. Continue reading “Lisa’s Journal: Week 13. Part 4”

Finding the Right Congregation

In his book, “Becoming a Jewish Parent,” (Harmony, 1999, $24) Daniel Gordis suggests several questions to ask and steps to take to find a community to join. While you may not find everything you want in one place, you might just find what you need:

Am I looking for a faith community, a place to do spiritual searching? Friends my age, from my part of town? A focus on social action? Continue reading “Finding the Right Congregation”

Women’s Roles in Leadership

I don’t want to get in between the leadership of the Southern Baptists and their God, but it’s difficult to understand through what divine revelation these leaders of the church — all male, by the way — determined that women could no longer be pastors in their church.
I mean, is it in the hormones? In the genes? The women who are already pastors of churches within their fold may remain. In fact, the leaders acknowledge, they really have no control over what individual churches within their denomination do. They just felt that it was important to go on record that women could not be pastors. Continue reading “Women’s Roles in Leadership”