6 starches per day (3 grams of protein per serving = 18 grams). A starch is 80 calories worth of bread, pasta, rice, cereal, starchy vegetables, crackers, pretzels or low-fat sweets (fat-free frozen yogurt, cookies).
two servings of fruit a day
three or more vegetables a day
enough fat to amount to 30 grams
So, you can change your diet as follows:
Either eat the bran muffin or cereal in the morning. Consider egg whites or scrambled eggs or maybe a high-protein shake.
Use diet bread for the turkey sandwich at lunch, and be sure to put 3 ounces of turkey in the sandwich. The roll at Subway is probably worth three or four starch servings. Can they make it on bread instead or give you a salad with turkey meat on top?
Dinner needs to have 4 ounces of protein, one or two starches, and at least one cup of cooked vegetables.
Fill in with milk, yogurt, fruit and a little fat to make meals and snacks satisfying.
If you have any questions, please contact me.

Armand’s Reply

Great job this past week! Both your consistency and variety were ideal. With your vacation looming, I would like you to get in a solid week of exercise prior to going away.

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