Dear Sharon and Armand,

This was not a particularly eventful week, which was nice for a change. I feel like I am sticking with both my diet and exercise regimens, and I feel like both have become more of an ingrained habit. Certainly I have bad weeks, and I think I will always come across foods I just can’t resist. Once again, I lost no weight, but as I mentioned last week, I am wearing a smaller clothing size and have treated myself to new clothes.
I have a vacation week coming up soon, and this one may be even more challenging than the trip to Cozumel. I will be staying at a house on the South Carolina beach with a group of friends. We did this last year, and it is wonderfully relaxing. We are very isolated, and there isn’t much to do but walk the beach, fish or play golf.

I think I am going to focus on fast-walking on the beach to get my cardiovascular exercise. I am not taking my golf clubs, as the courses in the area are very expensive. I thought I might invest in some additional Thera-Bands for strength training. This same vacation last year is when I completely lost control of my weight, so I am determined not to let it happen again.

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