I’ve had my third Remicade infusion treatment and am completely clear of plaques and patches. You can still see where I had patches because of scarring, but I will take that over the flaking and itching, any day of the week.

I’ve gone to my follow-up appt. with my dermatologist and she has decided to move my Remicade treatments from every 4 weeks to every 6 weeks. The plan is to give three at 6 week intervals and then move to 8 week intervals if I am still clear.

This is fantastic news. I’m hoping that the Remicade continues to do well for me, and that eventually I’ll be able to go two months between infusions. Being clear has done wonders for my personal well being mentally and physically.

I’m wearing clothes I hadn’t worn in years, i.e. shorts, short sleeve shirts, tank tops. I’ll continue to post my progress.

Eventually the plan is to move me to a medication that I can self inject, instead of being tied to an infusion center. But for now, I’m delighted with the progress.