Seekers of a little nighttime entertainment in a social atmosphere are faced mostly with smoke-filled bars, restaurants, comedy clubs or dance halls — all of which are often a turn-off for health-conscious individuals. LifeQuest Fitness found a solution for its members this summer when the club began offering smoke-free comedy shows and Monday Night Football events at nearby nightclubs.

LifeQuest teamed with a sports cafe to provide members and staff free admission to live comedy shows every Friday night. The Monday Night Football events, that include a question-and-answer session on health-related issues, are co-sponsored by LifeQuest and a Charleston, S.C., radio station. Both venues are relaxed and comfortable, allowing members and staff to interact in a less formal way than when at the fitness facility, says Rally Caparas, vice president of operations and chief operating officer.

To round out the LifeQuest After Hours nightlife alternatives, the fitness club extends its hours Sunday through Thursday to accommodate members who work odd schedules.

The “Up All Night” program opens the facility from 11:30 p.m. to 3 a.m., and has paved the way for new members to join the club who previously could not work out during the traditional business hours, Caparas says.

“Since this program’s implementation, customer satisfaction and employee productivity are at an all-time high,” Caparas adds. “As a result, membership sales have grown by a staggering 32 percent since June 1995.”