An elimination diet is really a test to help identify allergy foods. It involves eliminating possible offenders from your diet, usually for 10 to 14 days; carefully noting changes in symptoms; and reintroducing the eliminated foods into your diet, again observing any symptoms. If you decide to try this procedure, be cautious.
Consult your physician. Ask if it is safe for you to proceed with the diet and get his recommendations on how to implement it.

Eliminate foods you eat often, along with those you crave or make you feel weak. They are likely offenders.

Eliminate all suspect foods. Because multiple allergies are possible, not eliminating all suspected foods could skew your results.

Read labels. Packaged foods may contain something you want to eliminate (for example, sugar or monosodium glutamate).

Replace lost nutrients. If, for instance, you are eliminating dairy products, replace lost calcium with a supplement or another calcium-rich food, such as green, leafy vegetables.

Keep food and pain diaries. Document what you are eating and when. Track the course of your arthritic pain, as well. By comparing the two records, you may discover patterns.

Stick with your medications. Stopping medications can cause arthritis flares, or even organ damage.

Reintroduce one food at a time, carefully observing symptoms. If you add more than one at once and have a reaction, it will be difficult to determine which food was the offending one.

Know when to quit. This method might not be the one for you; food sensitivity may not be your problem. If you don’t experience results, simply resume a healthy, balanced diet.

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