Sharon’s Reply

Your fat grams averaged 45 this week, double last week’s total. That is assuming you were able to estimate those high-fat dishes accurately. Mom’s home cooking is hard to resist, and it tastes so good because of the delcious fat content. Of course, food is an offering of love, so how can you say no! Sometimes just seeing how quickly the calories and fat add up is a reality check. No need to be embarrassed — everyone should have the luxury of mom’s homecooking now and then. Apple pie and ice cream, homemade potato salad — it makes my mouth water!

I have a theory about your increased hunger. Many of my clients report the same thing after a couple of large meals or high-fat meals. It seems that the stomach gets a little overstretched and then wants to be filled up to that larger point before it registers full. I noticed you had a couple of meals that went to a hunger level of eight. When you settle down to your normal size meals and your own routine, your appetite will return to normal. Also, tasting those delicious high-fat foods turns on the taste buds to forgotten pleasures. It is hard to resist.

Watch for an article I have written about migraines. You might pick up a few more tips. You are right, though: it is still a mystery what sets the whole migraine thing in motion. I got a migraine the day I wrote the article (imagine that!), and it could have been any of five different triggers!

As you get back to your work week, keep focused on good food choices, every meal, every day.


Armand’s Reply


Good job again! Even though you were visiting your parents, you still had the discipline to get in some exercise. It is terrific that you and your dad went on a walk together! If more people took walks with their families, they would not only be healthier but would most likely be happier as well. Long walks provide the opportunity to talk without the distractions that surround us in the home such as the television and telephone. It allows you to spend quality time with someone where you can focus on each other in a pleasant, relaxed setting.

I am sure the dogs and your nephew also enjoyed the time you took to play with them. Any kind of extra activity we can fit in like that is beneficial. Congratulations.

I like how you are progressing with your abdominal curls and pushups. Continue to try to increase your repetitions each week. This week, strive for three solid cardiovascular sessions of 45 minutes each. Follow each session with the pushups and abdominal curls, increasing by one repetition on both exercises each workout. And do not forget your stretching!

Talk to you next week, David. Keep up the good work.


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