Well, this week had its ups and downs. I didn’t lose any weight, which isn’t surprising, considering what I ate over the weekend while I was visiting my parents. Home cooking is hard to resist, but I didn’t gain any weight, which did surprise me. I guess the exercise helped to burn off some of the excess calories.

To answer your questions about the migraine I had last week, I’ve had them since I was about 12. At that time, they were fairly frequent and quite severe, to the point of causing vomiting and even a kind of low-grade aphasia. As the years have gone by, they’ve gradually decreased in frequency and severity. Now, I get maybe three or four a year, and they’re not as bad, although they’re still pretty debilitating. Some of the newer pain generic medications have helped get me on my feet sooner. While early on, the headaches seemed to be correlated with stress, the more recent ones are almost random. This was the first one I’ve had since I started on the program. The only dietary trigger that I know of for sure is coffee. It doesn’t seem to be the caffeine alone, because I drink tea regularly, but the last time I had a cup of coffee I got a migraine within 24 hours.

Armand, I had no trouble maintaining my scheduled exercises while I was at my parents’ house. I took my walks around their neighborhood, and my dad joined me on one of them. Besides that, I spent a good bit of time outdoors, playing with the dogs and my nephew, so I got in a little extra activity.

Sharon, it definitely looks like I binged on the weekend. When I started looking up the fat counts for the stuff I ate at my parents’ house, I was embarrassed. I tried to bring things a little more under control for the rest of the week, although I felt like my appetite was a bit stronger than it’s been. Thanks for the information about the migraine book. I think I’ll look for it this weekend. If possible, I’d prefer to treat the migraines without resorting to prescription medications, and it sounds like there’s some good information there.