The previews for this show were so thrilling I thought that I wouldn’t have to make up crap for this article to be interesting. Ted and Ghandia were going to explode and Clay would be strangled. I buttered my popcorn and sat down for a nice evening of family entertainment.

The show begins with a little foreshadowing by Clay as we’re shown various night images (the moon, stars, thousands of little ant-spider-things rushing to invade the camp), “We’ve lost several challenges, but we’re happy. We understood each others’ personalities. We like each others’ personalities. It was an immediate bond. The personalities didn’t clash – they clicked.”

And then we’re shown the personalities of Ted/Ghandia clicking and bonding; she leans onto his shoulder, wraps her arm around his head in a pseudo-sitting-next-to-each-other hug while Ghandia comments about how she misses her husband, “He’s my best friend, my homeboy, my everything. And Ted brings that home to me. It’s kind of like my husband’s here with me chillin’. And he’s so good to hu-u-u-u-u-ug. He’s just… he’s just cool.”

(Note: Every quote is an exact quote unless it is italicized. If it’s italicized, there’s a possibility I might be maybe sorta kinda making it up. Otherwise, it’s transcribed exactly from the episode.)

Night vision pans through the sleeping tribe and ends on Ted spooning Ghandia with his arm around her and her arm on top of his. During the brief moment, there was no movement so I’m left to believe they were just sleeping.

Meanwhile, a coalition of squid, primarily medical professionals and religious leaders reeling from the mass suicide a few days prior, have organized an emergency meeting to discuss the tragic event.

Sook-Jai: Day 7

Day breaks and it’s raining. A number of rather nifty close-up shots of water dripping off of plants and the Sook-Jai flag causes me to wonder if these are supposed to symbolize something. During high school and college, I never understood symbolism. I always needed the really smart, well-read people to explain stuff to me. So, if someone knows what this means, please email me an explanation. Until then, I’m just going to think that it was cool.

Soup-Kitchen looks miserable. It’s raining. They are all huddled beneath their shelter in their raincoats (except for Stephanie, who just loves that rain). It seems like it only rains on Team Skateboard’s side of the island. I wonder if maybe Team Church Social unwittingly sacrificed a school of squid to the rain.

(Yes, the squid incident troubled me. I’m far from over it.)

Robb comments to the cameras about how entirely drained everyone is. Jake showed us a blister that was roughly the same size as a small puppy. Penny grimaces. Stephanie mopes. And once again, Shii Ann sums things up perfectly, “We’re horrible campers. We’re terrible outdoorsmen. We are starving! We’re starving. Look at me, I’m like Ally McBeal size.”

I really like Shii Ann. The whole show could be just her and I would be perfectly content.

Unfortunately for her and her tribe, none of them can figure out how to fish with a net. Stephanie and Jed dragged the net out into the water (it looked like it was pretty hard) and then dragged it back and found only one fish in the net. I’m thinking that the fish religious leaders and medical community made sure everyone took their medication – no more mass suicide. All but one fish listened. There’s always at least one idiot.

Robb (notice the transitional element) says, “It’s kind of strange to be out here and see where all the fish come from that I eat every day at home and not have any idea how to get it.”

I honestly wouldn’t know, either. I would think, though, that dragging the net straight out and then straight back in wouldn’t really do it. They are expecting the fish to see the net and then go around the net over to the suicide side. Would it work if someone held one end of the net while another person paddled the canoe out in a big circle so that some fish would be trapped inside? Maybe a fisherman can email me with how this should be done (and if you happen to know about drop symbolism, all the better).