Grief and Bereavement – How Long is Too Long?

When grieving, a person may go through a myriad of emotions never felt before. Read further for the answers to the questions that these emotions might raise. Continue reading “Grief and Bereavement – How Long is Too Long?”

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Women’s Roles in Leadership

I don’t want to get in between the leadership of the Southern Baptists and their God, but it’s difficult to understand through what divine revelation these leaders of the church — all male, by the way — determined that women could no longer be pastors in their church.
I mean, is it in the hormones? In the genes? The women who are already pastors of churches within their fold may remain. In fact, the leaders acknowledge, they really have no control over what individual churches within their denomination do. They just felt that it was important to go on record that women could not be pastors. Continue reading “Women’s Roles in Leadership”

Conversations, Observations, and Way-Thorough Recap, Part 2

Ghandia/Ted Drama Begins

Back to Team Church Social. Ghandia says to the cameras, “I feel a little tired because I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. I just feel kind of depressed and I feel… I feel used.” Blah blah… “last night, he threw his arm over me and pulled me close to him, which was kind of OK with me in the beginning, but uhmm… he started to like, really become very sexual. I mean, specifically, he was grinding against me. And he didn’t stop and he kept trying to, in my opinion, try to engage me.” “I, of course, didn’t think to tell him to stop or at least say that this makes me a little uncomfortable. Instead, I’ll just tense up and hope that he’s psychic.” Continue reading “Conversations, Observations, and Way-Thorough Recap, Part 2”