Finding the Right Congregation

In his book, “Becoming a Jewish Parent,” (Harmony, 1999, $24) Daniel Gordis suggests several questions to ask and steps to take to find a community to join. While you may not find everything you want in one place, you might just find what you need:

Am I looking for a faith community, a place to do spiritual searching? Friends my age, from my part of town? A focus on social action? Continue reading “Finding the Right Congregation”

Caught on the Run!

Movement is something nearly every child enjoys, so expect to have a great time with this principle of visual organization. In the graphic arts, movement is how motion is represented, either as an illusion created by patterns, or real, such as a mobile. Young children tend to be very concrete, so we’ll focus on how they can find and represent things that move. Continue reading “Caught on the Run!”