Pharmacists and MDs are reading from same page

Reading your editorial entitled “Primary care heading for a doctor-pharmacist turf war” makes me wonder how much of the medical and pharmacy press you read. With some legwork you would have realized that pharmacists and physicians have been developing an infrastructure to better co-ordinate the work they do on a daily basis in every community across Canada. Nowhere is this more evident than in the CMA – CPhA joint statement on “Approaches to enhancing the quality of drug therapy” for patients and the recently published Consumers Association of Canada leaflet “Be a wise consumer” done in collaboration with the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Pharmacists Association. Continue reading “Pharmacists and MDs are reading from same page”

Prescription Bills Rise for Elderly as HMOs Retreat. Part 2

Congressional Democrats are pushing a broader proposal to cover 80 percent of prescriptions for all Medicare recipients. Bush promised a Medicare overhaul in his campaign, but maintains that the quickest way to help the most vulnerable seniors pay for medicine is to give money to the states to fund their own drug-assistance programs.

Continue reading “Prescription Bills Rise for Elderly as HMOs Retreat. Part 2”