Special Tutoring

LifeQuest educates its members as it encourages them to reach their fitness goals. The club conducts a series of workshops and seminars designed to inspire an appreciation for the benefits of exercise and a health-conscious lifestyle.

The program is broken down into several sessions, the first of which covers the categories of exercise, and why each is vital to the fitness process. A discussion on aerobic and anaerobic exercise is next, followed by a seminar on flexibility. The last portion of the program addresses the significance of diet and nutrition. Continue reading “Special Tutoring”

Health Conscious Nightlife

Seekers of a little nighttime entertainment in a social atmosphere are faced mostly with smoke-filled bars, restaurants, comedy clubs or dance halls — all of which are often a turn-off for health-conscious individuals. LifeQuest Fitness found a solution for its members this summer when the club began offering smoke-free comedy shows and Monday Night Football events at nearby nightclubs. Continue reading “Health Conscious Nightlife”

Uterine Fibroids — What Are Your Options? Part 1

When my wife went for a physical exam in September 2000 to have her frequent incontinence and recurring abdominal pain diagnosed, our family doctor told Clara that she might have uterine fibroid tumors. Because he assured her that fibroids are benign, Clara and I werenТt horribly afraid that her health was in great danger. Continue reading “Uterine Fibroids — What Are Your Options? Part 1”

Neck Lump

Q.I have had a hard knot in my neck for two and a half months. I began to worry because my aunt died of Hodgkin’s disease in her 20s, which is my age. I went to a doctor, and he said it was normal and probably left over from a viral infection, and that if it is still present in two months to come and get a biopsy. He did not bother to ask any other questions.

I became very frustrated and upset. Now I’m not sure what to do. It’s only on one side, and it’s immovable and firm. I looked up the symptoms and have experienced most of the ones for Stage I. I’m a medical student and I am sure something is wrong, but I refuse to see that doctor again.


A. As I always say, if you are not happy with Doctor Number 1, go to Doctor Number 2. I must admit I do not like the description of an immobile mass and I would recommend a biopsy.

Certainly lymph nodes may become fibrotic (hardened) after an infection, but they are usually mobile.

(I have one behind my ear, and when I was a med student I was convinced it was a sign of cancer! I also thought I had beriberi; don’t ask me why — med school does strange things to the mind!)

You should have a CBC (complete blood count) done, and you should get a second opinion. Even if you have to see a doctor not covered under your health plan, the investment will be well worth the peace of mind. Good luck — with finding out what is going on with the neck mass as well as with medical school.