The Patient, Physician and Physical Therapist Team

The physician’s concern for patients’ arthritis management need not end with the referral to a physical therapist. Progress is often better if the patient, physician and physical therapist work together as a team. Continue reading “The Patient, Physician and Physical Therapist Team”

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Navigating Nutritional Potholes

Many people will include some kind of travel in their holiday plans, whether a weekend getaway or an extended trip. When eating at fast-food restaurants and roadside diners, it can be hard to choose the best menu options for maintaining a healthy diet.
“Making healthful choices gets difficult when options are limited, but with a little planning you can get the nutrition you need,” said Mona Barnett, R.N., B.S.N., a personal trainer and health promotion expert in Austin, Texas. “Think about choices that provide complex carbohydrates, such as a whole-wheat bagel, and a little protein. Carbohydrates provide energy without a lot of fat. Small amounts of protein help you feel full longer and keep your muscles fueled,” she added. Continue reading “Navigating Nutritional Potholes”

Post Office Urges Caution, Calm Amid Anthrax Scare. Part 2

“If someone feels that there is a potential threat they should not open the mail,” Frey advised. “That person should place it in a plastic bag–preferably one that has those zipper locks on it–wash their hands with warm soap and water, and then call the local law enforcement agency and ask for the hazardous material team. They will take over at that point.” Continue reading “Post Office Urges Caution, Calm Amid Anthrax Scare. Part 2”